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Thank you for taking the time to read this. We know how valuable time is, so we won't waste anytime giving you a lengthy sales speech. You are here for one reason and one reason only - you need more time! As entrepreneurs we experienced the struggle to properly utilize and build “extra time” for businesses, so we know exactly what you are going through.

There is no such thing as "extra time". You can wish as much as you want, but the bottom line remains the same, everyone has the same 24hr available per day. So, assuming that none of us has any type of “super hero” ability, what can we do to maximize our time? With the assistance of our Time Management Training course, help you find the answers and motivate the change to use your time wisely.

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Maximizing Your Time for Maximum Productivity

This Training was specially brought to you by Konrad Brem, who also added these instrument to his daily life to get the most time out of each day. You can't add hours to the day, but this guide might make you feel like you have!

A lot of time management guides will tell you the importance of scheduling and share tips like our book does, but "Matter of Time" goes the extra inch by looking at the reasons people can't manage their time properly. By realizing the time traps we may be falling into, we can then adjust and move ahead appropriately.

This Matter of Time book Features:

  • Introduction to TIme Management
  • Clearing the Internal Clutter
  • Procrastination versus Effective Action
  • Drivers That Keep Us Stuck
  • Learning to Focus
  • Developing a Plan of Action
  • Clearing Business Clutter
  • Time Management Checklists
  • Top Time Saving Tips
  • Productivity Tools
  • Conclusion

Join our amazing team of experts as we journey through life on the road to ultimate success!

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For more than two decades I have been researching the psyche of both successful and struggling businesses and people. It has been a long journey the result of which has been the creation of the “MindReFraming”® and “SalesReFraming” programs for which my 500 corporate clients have been clamouring to use.
Now is the time to release this amazingly successful program to the rest of the world enabling people to see the rewards they seek become a reality.
I look forward to spending many exciting and successful hours with you

  • Business Owner for more than 20 years in 4 countries
  • Master Degree Business Administration
  • Master Facilitator, Consultant, Trainer
  • Authorized and Certified Kfw-Founder-Coach by German government
  • Authorized and Certified Bafa-Consultant by German government
  • NLP-Master (DVNLP)
  • Transactional Analyst (ITAA / EATA / DGTA)
  • Systemic-Integrative Coach and Supervisor
  • Certified Hypnosis Coach (NGH)
  • Certified IT-Security-Manager
  • Certified CRM-Consultant
  • Certified ERP Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • IAS / IFRS and US-GAAP tested

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International Speaker and Rich Dad Advisor

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Head of System Integration Management,
International Investor

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